We are excited to be here to teach and share our knowledge of Hip Hop, at no charge!

We are all working dancers/choreographers based out of Los Angeles and we have worked with artists such as Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Simpson, T-Pain, Will Smith, Back Street Boys, Kurtis Blow, Jay - Z and Kanye West.

We will frequently post new videos and keep you updated on what's going on in the Hip Hop world. Become a member and join our network if you like to get involved, leave comments or have any questions. We are here for you!



These online dance lessons will teach you basic hip hop, step by step. In some of the videos we will make several counts of eights, broken down with each movement to the specific counts.

In other videos we will focus on one specific step and teach you the terminology. We will also make videos with exercises to teach you isolation of specific body parts, which will help your dancing down the line.

In order to prevent injuries it is important to warm up the body gently - increasing flexibility and strength is also a part of becoming a better dancer. Here you will find videos to help you to do so.

Sometimes we have guests visiting us in the studio and you will learn along with them.

Learn beginning routines here



These online videos are created for those with more experience. Keep in mind that you can use this repertoire of movements as inspiration to create your own combinations as well.

Mix and match by taking the steps and use the music you prefer, playing with a variety of different tempos while dancing.

If you use our choreography creating a dance for more than one person you can play with the timing of the steps and have the dancers perform them at different times. We will post videos with examples of doing so down the line.

To see our intermediate routines, you need to be a member of our site - register here.

Learn intermediate routines here



Here we teach you more complicated choreography. It's a fine line between what we think is intermediate or advanced level, so we suggest you check out both the intermediate and advanced videos.

We hope they can be an inspiration for dance teacher and choreographers as well by sharing a variety of styles.You can also create your own style around the basics of the steps we are teaching.

Feel free to incorporate these combos into your own choreography, and please contact us if you have any questions. We are also planning to post interviews and videos with great guest teachers and choreographers.

To see our advanced routines, you need to be a member of our site - register here.

Learn advanced routines here